Hoagieville: The Good, Bad, Ugly

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Let’s talk about Hoagieville — it’s a Missoula-based restaurant that opened a store in Great Falls a couple of months ago in the spot that used to be KFC on 10th Avenue South. Here’s my review of the Good, the Bad, and Ugly!

Hoagiveville in Great Falls

First, the Good: the staff is wonderful — every time I’ve been in there (about six or seven times so far), the crew is happy, pleasant, smiling, and courteous. Service is speedy, too.

On one of my visits, after I ordered and they were nearly done getting my order ready to go, I realized that my wife might like some of their mushrooms, so I told the cashier that I’d like to add an order — she called it out to the back and started to ring it up, but the manager (or owner?) who was working the grill told her not to ring it up, they would just throw the mushrooms in for free. Very nice touch.

The food is very good — of course I always get a couple of burgers, and every one has been delicious. They are a little bit small, so I always order double-bacon-cheeseburgers. The closest burger I can compare Hoagieville burgers to is Ford’s Drive In. And the bacon that Hoagieville uses is excellent, unlike (for instance) the bacon used at Burger King.

Hoagiveville in Great Falls

French fries are tasty — I know they are kind of famous for their Hoagieville seasoned fries (which are also available at The Montana Club), but I prefer their plain fries — just the right amount of salt, full of crinkles — very good.

I’ve also tried their chicken, both in “strip” form and as a “Super Chick” sandwich — chicken is very good, no complaints from me. And I love the name — a Super Chick! Adorable.

The decor is cute — fun old-timey photos with Hoagieville items on them. Restaurant appears to be kept clean and well-maintained.

Hoagiveville in Great Falls

Now the Bad: their sign clearly states that they are open until 10 pm every night — but I tried the drive-thru window a few weeks ago at 9:45 pm — and discovered that they had closed a bit early. Grrr. Also: the menu at the Great Falls restaurant is not as extensive as the stores in Missoula – for instance, there is no shrimp basket here in Great Falls.

Hoagiveville in Great Falls

And finally the Ugly: I always order burgers and chicken sandwiches with very explicit instructions: meat, cheese, bacon, and bun only. No lettuce, no tomato, no pickles, no sauce, etc. Pretty simple. But on two occasions, I have taken my order home and found that the Super Chick was loaded up with everything. Gah. If I was into hashtags, this would have resulted in a #hoagievillefail. Since those two incidents, I have been *extremely* clear, and it hasn’t happened again.

Hoagiveville in Great Falls

Just a couple of Bad and Ugly notes — but the Goods are numerous, and Hoagieville is one of the few places that I will gladly eat at just about anytime.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR DANA JOE: It may not measure up to KFC, but the lounge seating at Hoagieville appears adequate.




  1. Yeah, I don’t get the hoagie fries thing either. But, the food was okay. I don’t like hot lettuce, so that was weird on the sandwich. But, their seasoning is good!

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