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Getting closer to the opening of the new Starbucks in town — one of the managers at the current store told me it should happen on September 28th.

The new store is at 10th Avenue South and 32nd Street, kind of across the street from Van’s.

Once it’s done, there will be FOUR Starbucks locations you can hit along 10th Avenue South – kind of. Starting from the west — there will be the new one, the mini-SBX inside Albertsons, the “main” one at 9th Street, and another mini-store inside Barnes & Noble in the Marketplace.

For some reason, it seems kind of unbelievable that the main store is more than 9 years old – wow. It was fun going to the grand opening – but it just doesn’t seem like it’s been *that* long.

And where does that leave us folks who live on the NW side of town? Come on, Starbucks! You can squeeze one more store in our town — just set it down somewhere along Smelter Avenue, and everything will be fine 🙂



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