Remember & Honor

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“Attention, all units, all areas: standby for a 10-37 status check. 30,744 north 10-37? 30,744 north 10-37? 30,744 north 10-37? All units, all areas, be advised Cascade County Deputy, 30, Joe Dunn, is 10-7, and has ended his tour of duty. Rest in peace; we will take it from here. Cascade County dispatch clear.”

Thursday was a very sad day as Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy was laid to rest; it was heart-wrenching for so many reasons.

But it was amazing to see so much love and respect from so, so many people for him and his fellow LE officers and families – not just from the Great Falls community, but from every corner of Montana (and beyond).

Community pays respects as Cascade County Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Dunn is laid to rest


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