Big Food!

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If you’re hungry and it’s time for breakfast — you know, the kind of hunger that a couple of Egg McMuffins just can’t handle — then you need to drop in at JJ’s Bakery downtown on Central.

Check out these beauties — bacon, eggs, cheese on a fluffy biscuit — and they are *huge*!


If you’re hungry and it’s time for dinner — check out this *monster* prime rib I had at Bar S a few weeks ago.

They said it was about 30 ounces, but it seemed even bigger than that. Yes, it was delicious…and yes, some of it came home for Ziggy.


A reviewer at Yelp even noted: “Don’t order the biggest prime rib unless you want to plug your toilet or have leftovers for a week and a half (its huuuuuge!)”

In my younger days, I could have devoured the entire thing…sadly, as I’ve grown older, I’m no longer able to consume more than about 20 or 24 ounces of beef in one sitting. But it sure makes for a happy pup when I get home 🙂


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