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Grrrr. The bison/fish sculpture near the 1st Avenue North bridge has been vandalized. I absolutely love those bison sculptures around town.

Vandals are jackasses. Period. Hope whoever did this gets caught.

If you know who did it, call GFPD Crimestoppers at 406-727-8477.


From the Trib:

The “rainboffalo” statue that has greeted passers-by along the River’s Edge Trial at the east end of the 1st Avenue North Bridge since 2009 was vandalized sometime in the past several days, losing its fins to criminal mischief.

The damage occurred in two waves, River’s Edge Trail board member Karen Wicks said Tuesday afternoon. A leg fin was broken off but recovered late last week, she said, and the other fin and tail torn off and stolen over the weekend. The damage was reported to Great Falls police Monday.


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