“That 80s Show”

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No, I’m not talking about the lame attempt to replicate the success of the (abominable) “That 70s Show.”

I’m talking about “The Goldbergs,” which doesn’t quite know what happened when in the 80s.

As I noted previously:

But no – the episode that I watched last night revealed that it won’t be set in the 80s for too much longer, apparently – one of the young characters does a “Say Anything” moment, standing outside a girl’s window, boombox raised high…and “Say Anything” was released in April 1989. That’s firmly in George H.W. Bush territory, and New Kids On The Block and Tone Loc were topping the charts.

And I caught a few minutes of the episode last night, in which “Erica sits in line with Adam for tickets to the premiere of “Return of the Jedi”, reluctantly admitting that she too likes the movie series.”

“Return Of The Jedi” was released in…1983.

And later in the show, the song “The Final Countdown” is heard, which was released in…1986.

Hey, nobody loves the 80s more than me — in fact, I’ve even half-jokingly concocted a plan to create an “80s Museum” in Great Falls (no, seriously) — but come on, Goldbergs, can’t you at least *try* to establish some sort of credibility and continuity?



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