My Mom

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My mother Judy was pretty awesome. Born and raised in Brooklyn, married my dad and moved cross-country to the desert in the 60s, had three kids, was a kick-ass operating-room nurse who helped save a lot of lives.

Loved to garden, loved her pets.

RIP, Mom. Thank you for everything you did to make me who I am.

This picture is from 1971 or 1972 – my kid brother (mouth open), little sister (smallest one), mom, and me.

And here she is with my dad — not sure of the year, probably 1965ish. Isn’t she just adorable?




  1. Dave, here at mom’s today and you’ll be happy to know this website was on her “favorites” toolbar at the top of her browser. Right after about 3 different solitaire games! 🙂 Take care man.

  2. Dave no problem. I was extremely blessed to have her in my life. I loved her so much and considered her to be as much my mother as my own. She was a great lady, and I will truly miss her.

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