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FINALLY! After reading about and even reporting on these “tech support” scams, wouldja believe I actually got a call from one of them?!

Here’s how it popped up on my phone — from “Tucson Arizona” with a phone number of 520-877-3528:

Tech Support Scam

The man identified himself as Mike from Microsoft technical support…although he sure didn’t *sound* like a “Mike.” He told me that sometime during the last few weeks, when I was “on the internets or online,” my computer had “becoming infected” with a virus.

My response – said in a slightly loud, hysterical manner: “Oh no! That’s bad!”

Mike: “Yes, that can be very bad, but we can…”

Me: “Did they break my computer?!”

At this point, my wife is looking at me and wondering what the hell…

Mike: “Yes, your computer has a virus, and we can tell you how you can fix it.”

Me – sounding increasingly scared: “Oh no, oh no, what am I going to do?!”

Mike: “You have to go to your computer and – ”

Me: “What about all of my pictures?!”

Mike: “Yes, your pictures, of course we can help you with that.”

Me: “What about all of the pictures of the naked girls?!”

Mike: “Pictures of girls?”

Me – nearly hysterical, as my wife watches me wide-eyed and tries not to burst out laughing: “Oh my god am I going to get in trouble?!

Mike: “No, no, you just have to – ”

Me: “Oh my god, I’m going to get in trouble! I have to go!




  1. A work-friend of mine got a call from a scammer, and actually went over to where he had a “virtual computer” installed and had the scammer log into his virtual windows and do all the things he wanted to do. And so we have a log of the entire chat session. And so the scammer did not know he was logged into a virtual computer and really, causing no harm and getting no data. My friend out-scammed the scammer.

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