Hello SBX, Bye Salad Creations

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Double-dose of restaurant-y news:

Trib is reporting that “Starbucks will build a second location in Great Falls this spring…3053 10th Ave. S., the site of a former gas station where most recently Montana Marble & Granite has displayed merchandise.”

Hmm.. I really, really, really expected that if SBX ever opened a second full-service store in Great Falls, it would be on the NW side of town. Not complaining — just surprised at the location. And it’s about time that GF had at least as many SBX as Helena, dammit!

Salad Creations is closing — sad. Obviously I never ate there, but every now and then I’d pick up a fancy salad for my wife.

And the staff was always super-friendly and energetic. Wonder what might go in that location now…




  1. I am also very surprised by the Starbucks location, but it’s closer to my house so I’m not complaining. I’m sad to hear that Salad Creations is closing because I never went there, but always was interested in trying it. Before it opened someone I know said, “If you listen closely, you can almost hear it going out of business.” Well, it lasted this long and I am very proud of them (and Great Falls) for that.

  2. The location where Salad Creations was at is cursed. There have been 3 or 4 businesses in it over the past 6 or 7 years. Salad Creations… ate there once. Wasn’t impressed. The staff was fine, the lawn that I ate… not so fine.

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