“Ghostly” Bannack

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I hate “ghost hunter” TV shows. Don’t believe in ghosts, supernatural stuff, paranormal activity, etc.

BUT…I love love love Montana, so I have endured sitting through a few of the ghosty shows when they visited Montana. I don’t watch for the “ghosts” – I watch for the Montana history and scenery.

I watched “Haunted Collector” when the crew visited the old Montana State Prison. Hell, I even watched “The Dead Files” (ack) when it featured Paris Gibson’s house right here in Great Falls.

The most recent was just a few days ago, when the Travel Channel series “Ghost Hunters” aired an episode filmed in Bannack down in southwest Montana.

Show Description: Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the desolate former mining town of Bannack, MT, riddled with paranormal activity. Before heading into the large-scale lockdown, the guys witness strange activity in broad daylight.

The ghost-hunters were full of hype and “WHAT WAS THAT?!” exclamations and other such nonsense, but the episode was still neat because they talked about some of Bannack’s very unique history – vigilantes, gold rush, Henry Plummer, etc.


Haven’t visited Bannack yet, but looking forward to checking it out someday!



  1. Bannack is great! If you go on the weekend during the summer vacation months they usually have a couple people dressed up in period specific clothes that give background information about the building that you are in. They also have demonstrations. The one I saw was a live rattlesnake handler.

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