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Ham-lovers rejoice (maybe) — the Trib says: “A popular glazed ham and turkey company is looking for somebody to buy a franchise in Great Falls and build a retail store and café so it can add Montana to its long list of states. Georgia-based HoneyBaked Ham Co. would like to add a retail store and café in Montana before Thanksgiving and open two additional sites within the next two years, said Melissa McFarlin, director of franchise development.”

Never seen a HoneyBaked Ham store, or even a commercial — but it would be hard for any ham-based company to come up with a more ear-wormy and fun ditty than the Montana Valley Hams commercial (sing-songy “Montana Valley HAA-aams”). Sadly, the only MVH commercial I could find online doesn’t include that part.

I’m not a huge ham fan, but my wife is — and so is Homer.


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