“7 Misconceptions About Montana”

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Todd Klassy is a kick-ass photographer (take a look) in Havre, and also has writing chops – check out his recent piece called “7 Misconceptions About Montana.”

1.) Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are not petting zoos. Nor are they theme parks.
2.) Deer do not “turn into” elk.
3.) Huckleberries are not the same as blueberries.
4.) Indians do not live in tepees.
5.) Montanans know buffalo are technically bison, Indians are also Native Americans, and pronghorn antelope aren’t really antelope at all.
6.) Montanans actually do live in the state year round.
7.) Cowboys seldom (if ever) fought Indians.

Click the pic to read the whole thing:

NOTE: I understand #5 on his list, but will always, forever, and righteously use and defend the word BISON!


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