Link Roundup

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— Jack’s regular “Caught My Eye” column is always worth reading, and I especially enjoyed this part re: the annual Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner:

On another note, it’s also good to see the Montana Democrats are keeping the late Mike Mansfield’s name associated with the dinner since he was born in New York. I know the Democrats have concerns about people born outside Montana holding elective office in the state.

— Allison has a couple of goodies: first, an “Are You Hungry” quiz (result: I am). Second, you can find out what kind of face she makes if she is accused of operating a Baby Platypus Mill.

— Ever wanted to create your own terrarium? Heather tells you how.

— Curtis — as always — has some excellent photos of geese (and other fun stuff). And he mentions the Great Falls Camera Club — here’s the club’s website.

— And in weather news — Great Falls cracked 60 degrees (ABOVE zero, mind you) for the first since November 12th. To celebrate, Ziggy and I headed to the dog park, where he teamed up with some fellow poodle-mixes and wore himself out after months of “cabin fever.”




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