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Ed Kemmick, who worked for the Billings Gazette for a long time and was one of the first Montana folks to grok “blogging,” recently launched a new site called — and it should definitely be on your list of “sites to visit regularly.”

The most recent entry is an interview that Ed had with Max Lenington, the Yellowstone County treasurer, who has been in the news recently for using some racially-charged language.

Ed writes: “I decided I had to go interview Lenington, to find out what he was thinking, to find out what he hoped to accomplish. To find out, basically, what the hell? So, what did I learn? Well, for starters, that I shouldn’t characterize him as a racist.”

Closer to Great Falls, Ed recently posted a neat entry about the Shonkin Sag, the intriguing and beautiful area (roughly) between Highwood and Geraldine/Square Butte.



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