Tree Geese!

Online friend Tena Dee Blom posted some pix of Canada geese IN TREES and was kind enough to allow me to post one of them here. She took the photos just west of Vaughn. I had no idea that Canada geese nested in trees – how cool! Tena wrote: I personally have NEVER seen this so I was amazed at what I spotted… fascinating!!! Canada Geese ARE known to also nest up high in trees…

Rerun: Montana Barbies

Saw some similar stuff the last few days on Facebook, and a spike in traffic to this entry from 2008, so here it is again for your enjoyment Oh dear. Looks like Great Falls is taking it on the chin again, this time in Barbie form. Some Montana blogger – not sure where – has posted a series of Montana Barbies, complete with pictures, which are pretty darn funny…even if our beloved community of Great…


A thread over at MetaFilter about the theme song to the TV show “Cheers” led to this post over at Ken Levine’s blog, which yielded this interesting comment from someone in Helena:


Cool – the Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers now has a website – – not much there yet, but stay tuned…

20% Off!

The good folks at Central Avenue Antiques — my new favorite antique/collectible store — are having a sale: 20% off of everything! Definitely worth stopping by. Click the pic to check out their Facebook page:

Great Harvest Military Deal

Pretty cool — the folks over at Great Harvest on 1st Avenue North have “Military Monday” — buy one loaf, get one leaf free! And it applies to anyone with a military ID card – even crusty (< -- ha ha) old retired guys like me. Great Harvest is a pretty awesome place - full of tasty treats, and a great attitude (and sense of humor).

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