Sparkle, Sparkle

Laura is a goldsmith in Great Falls and has started a blog about what that means. Check it out:

I’m obsessed with my job. I take it everywhere with me, when I’m out and about, I look people up and down for jewelry and analyze it as best I can from where I’m standing. There are two things bother me the most about rings though.
1- seeing someone leave them on to handle raw meat or bread dough
2- when it’s obvious that it doesn’t fit. Today I’m going to talk about the latter.

Here’s a piece she designed for a raffle:


More at Advice From Your Semi-Friendly Jeweler

Swing Out Sister

A colleague shared a video on Facebook today of Swing Out Sister, one of my favorite 80s bands. Oooh, and such a crush on Corrine!

And I learned via Wikipedia that SOS belongs to a genre that I had never heard of: “Sophisti-pop was a sub-genre of pop that flourished in the UK between the mid-1980s and early 1990s, incorporating elements of soft rock, jazz, new wave, and blue-eyed soul. The genre made extensive use of electronic keyboards, synthesizers, and polished arrangements, particularly horn sections.” Based on the few groups listed there, yep – I likes me some sophisti-pop.

SOS’ debut album was one of fewer than 20 that I actually bought in the 80s. Good, good stuff.


If you know and love ag, have a business degree, are fairly tech-savvy, and love to travel, the Great Falls Development Authority might be interested in meeting you:

Dynamic, self-motivated, positive leader sought to join our dedicated, passionate, results-driven economic development team. Help us expand and diversify our manufacturing industries through market research, cold-calling, networking, building relationships, business coaching and supporting manufacturing entrepreneurs, businesses and multi-national corporations. Candidate must have demonstrated excellence in business development, business coaching, advanced manufacturing, agricultural processing and/or economic development. Working knowledge of agricultural production or processing preferred. Requires BA/BS and at least 5 years of business or economic development experience. Position involves extensive travel in region, U.S. and Canada. Must be tech savvy. Salary range $50,000-56,000 with excellent benefits and flexible work environment. EOE. Apply by March 31st.

Brett Doney, President/CEO
Great Falls Development Authority

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