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Whoa – LobsterFest snuck up on us this year! Unlike last year, we decided to beat the rush by getting there at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon – ahead of the dinner crowd.

But just like last year, it was absolutely PERFECT. The food, the service, the atmosphere – the Montana Club knocked it out of the park. Special shout-out to Danyel, Amber, Joe (Clay!), and Joanna for the amazing service!

We are seriously considering another run on Sunday…and it crossed my mind that I could probably down two lobster tails, instead of one tail and one slice of prime rib…decisions, decisions.

Here’s shots of today’s late lunch/early dinner — tail and prime for me, and Lobster Newburg for my wife:





  1. The wife and I dined there tonight, and she had the 2 tails. She said it was the BEST Dinner she’s had in a Verrryyy long time. She said: “Dave: go for the 2 tails!”

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