Weather Wookiee

KRTV has a fun spot during the Wednesday morning newscasts called “Weather Rookie” – it lets a young student (usually 5th or 6th grade) do a weather segment on TV.

The kids are pretty awesome, and the morning team really enjoys it, too.

But for some reason – I’m not a big “Star Wars” fan – whenever I hear the phrase “Weather Rookie,” it gets interpreted inside my head as “Weather Wookiee.”

So here it is.

weather wookiee

Meet Luna

It’s official: we are grandparents! Wait – not like that!

What it means is that my daughter and her boyfriend became “parents” of an adorable little baby girl hedgehog a few days ago! So now my wife and I consider ourselves to be grand-parents, and Ziggy is an uncle 😀

Her name is Luna, and she is – how do the kids talk these days? – totes adorbs! Don’t believe me? Look!

So smart – already mastered the art of running inside a plastic ball.


Luna the hedgehog

Flashback: Moose & Cat

One of my favorite photos of 2013 — when a moose wandered onto the green the Hickory Swing Golf Course.

As FWP was keeping tabs on it, a cat just sort of wandered by – cruised right by the moose – they didn’t acknowledge each other, and the cat just kept going, walking along the rail of the train tracks.

So here we have one mellow moose, a couple of dedicated golfers, and one random cat (click the pic for deets and video):


Kihn Time!

A few years ago, I posted this retro photo of Sutherland’s Jewelry from a Great Falls 75th birthday promotion.

Sutherland's Jewelry Ad

Then in 2011 I heard some radio ads for Sutherland’s featuring 80s rocker Greg Kihn.

Now, thanks to Great Falls native and all-around awesome guy Larry Eschenbacher, here is a brief audio clip of Kihn talking about his visit to Great Falls:

ALSO: my lovely bride just informed me that her very first “go alone with no parents” concert was – yep – Greg Kihn at the Civic Center in March of ’83!

(PS – this also will help answer Sean’s question)


Whoa – LobsterFest snuck up on us this year! Unlike last year, we decided to beat the rush by getting there at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon – ahead of the dinner crowd.

But just like last year, it was absolutely PERFECT. The food, the service, the atmosphere – the Montana Club knocked it out of the park. Special shout-out to Danyel, Amber, Joe (Clay!), and Joanna for the amazing service!

We are seriously considering another run on Sunday…and it crossed my mind that I could probably down two lobster tails, instead of one tail and one slice of prime rib…decisions, decisions.

Here’s shots of today’s late lunch/early dinner — tail and prime for me, and Lobster Newburg for my wife:



Squirrel Appreciation Day

As noted by Squirrel Thoughts, Tuesday marked Squirrel Appreciation Day – woohoo!

Here is my happy contribution to the day: two squirrels seen a few days ago at (the newest?) collectible/antique store in town – Central Avenue Antiques & Second Hand on the 600 block of (duh) Central Avenue. They’ve been open for a bit over two months, and my first trip there was GREAT. They have lots of coooooool stuff. If you’re a collectibles junkie, you need to check it out.

Anyway – on with the squirrels!



I’m also happy to report that Governor Bullock even acknowledged the festivity of Squirrel Appreciation Day – he gave a Twitter shout-out to Squirrel Thoughts!


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