Angel Among Us

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My daughter – who is a full-time student in Missoula, and works full-time as a CNA – decided to get braces several months ago. Until Thursday, the balance remaining on her account with the orthodontist was about $3,500.

And then she got this in the mail on Saturday:


Complete, absolute, total shocker. Somebody – we don’t know who – anonymously paid the entire balance.

This is like those “secret Santas” that pop up on the news each year around Christmas time – anonymously buying groceries for strangers, paying off the tab on layaway at KMart for someone, etc – except this is obviously much larger.

We don’t know who performed this extremely generous and appreciated act of kindness (possibly one of the patients that she cared for recently?), but it is very much appreciated by both of us.

Thank you, anonymous person. We will never forget your kindness, and we will pay it forward in some way – and hope that others will, too.



  1. Wow. I’ve heard of dinner tabs being covered, $100 bills anonymously being passed out and utility bills being paid. I don’t recall a $3,500 anonymous gift.

    Your daughter is blessed, and Montana never ceases to amaze.


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