Bye Quizno’s

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Well, damn. Looks like both of the Quizno’s in Great Falls have closed.

Drove by the one across from Cafe Rio on 9th Street on Saturday night and saw these signs:

Quizno's closes in Great Falls

Quizno's closes in Great Falls

Then drove over to check on the Marketplace location, and it was already pretty much cleaned out:

Quizno's closes in Great Falls

What a shame – they had good sandwiches – way better than Subway.

And I noticed that the official Quizno’s website didn’t waste any time removing Great Falls from its locator map.

Anyone know why they closed?

UPDATE: Sheesh. After I posted this and tweeted it, I got this response from the Quizno’s corporate Twitter:


And someone commented on my Facebook post about it: “The market place lease was up and the b***h that owns the riverboat kicked em out. Yea my girls r without a job.”



  1. The company is tanking, closing locations nationwide. They’re having huge debt and legal issues, plus stores outside Montana don’t do as nice a job preparing the chain’s food. It was my experience that fast food in general is better in Montana, because people took time to make things as good as possible. Thanks, Montana.

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