Doge Smoke

Noticed this ad for Newport cigarettes in a magazine the other day — and it seems as if they are almost, sorta, kinda toying with the Doge meme. Why, all it would take is a few small additions, and viola! Doge Smoke!

Merry Christmas “Tow” You!

Carnahan’s is pretty much our go-to for car repairs – but the REAL reason that I love them is because of their annual Christmas tow truck!


My darling wife picked up this CUTEST. DEER. EVER! ornament at My Viola a few days ago. Kari always has such adorable things!

Hello Dali

My daughter posted this on Facebook, and once I clicked the LIKE button, she gave me Salvador Dali – which is way cool, because Dali was one seriously fascinating artist, based on my very limited exposure to his work. I don’t always like games or this kinds of things on facebook but this one struck me. This is a game to help keep art alive. Like this status and I will give you an artist…

Merry Doge-mas

This popped up in my Facebook timeline; don’t know where it came from, but it is full of Doge spirit!

It’s A Wonderful Snooki!

Our friend Kim gifted us with this…um… – delightful? unique? thoughtful? – Christmas tree ornament. In her honor, we have hung it with…um….pride?

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