A Dozen

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1. I have never watched an episode of “MacGyver.”

2. At the age of 13, I drank too much champagne while flying cross-country (thanks to a gullible Delta stewardess) and fell asleep in the Atlanta airport, missing my next flight.

3. I do not vegetables – except an occasional bit of corn. Unless potatoes count as vegetables, in which case I eat a LOT of vegetables.

4. I attended 11 schools in 12 years, thanks to being an Air Force brat.

5. I have one brother and one sister (from the same parents) – this is us circa 1971.


6. I served 20 years in the Air Force. In fact, today (November 23rd) marks the day in 1987 when I went to basic training. Here’s a pic from 1994, when I was stationed at Onizuka Air Force Station in the south Bay Area (I’m the one in BDUs):


7. I arrived in Montana in July 2002 and knew within a few days that I had finally found home.

8. I met the girl of my dreams in 2007, and we got married just a few months ago. Piano Pat signed our wedding guest book!


9. I have been obsessed with news since 1986, and can’t believe that I am fortunate enough to have found my dream job working in a new organization.

10. I have a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Baylor University.

11. I think that ducks and geese are among the most whimsical of creatures.


12. I love the “doge” meme so much that I created a pic using our ceremonial wedding certificate (that was created by the mucho-talented Jason, the husband of our oh-so-awesome wedding officiant, Pastor K. Dawn).



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