Bobcat vs. Grizzly Bear: The Bloodening

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AJ – he of the most-awesomest graphics skillz – created a fun pic to celebrate the upcoming Cat/Griz football game.

He noted: “While my loyalties are not particularly sharp, having attended both schools, I couldn’t resist adding some fuel to the fire.”

You all know that I’m not a football fan, so the annual game is a snoozer for me, but I do kind of enjoy the passionate rivalry and good-natured jokes that are passed around.

Although I will admit – if a gun was held to my head and I was forced to cheer for one or the other, I would have to pick the MSU Bobcats because: my wife is an MSU alum; I like Bozeman more than I like Missoula; and reasons.

Anyway: here is AJ’s pic, which I love…now let’s count down the number of days it takes the SyFy channel to turn this into a Saturday night movie. And yes, the title of this post is my proposal for the title of the movie.


And in light of my recent doge obsession…I just had to:


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