Don’t Forget The Mermaids!

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Buzzfeed has published one of its loved/hated listicles – this one is called “31 Reasons You’re Proud To Be From Montana.”

There are some good reasons listed, including:

1. You’re super proud to be from Montana, because you feel like you’re in on this special secret that Montana is completely gorgeous.
7. Montana Yogo Sapphires might be in the crown jewels of England and may or may not be the gemstone in Kate Middleton’s ring. That means you’re basically royalty.
18. Montana’s motto, “Oro y plata,” is Spanish for “gold and silver” and was chosen because of Montana’s abundant mineral wealth.
27. Montana has some of the most enchanting nicknames, including “Big Sky Country,” “The Treasure State,” “Land of the Shining Mountains” and “The Last Best Place.”

At #19 on the list is Great Falls’ very own tiny river: “Montana has the shortest river in the world. Guinness World Records named Roe River the shortest on the planet, which officially makes Montana the cutest state ever when it comes to bodies of water.”

Great -but how can anyone publish a “best of” list about Montana and forget to include the MERMAIDS from the legendary Sip-n-Dip Lounge? You know – the awesomest bar/lounge on Planet Earth, according to GF magazine? Sure, that honor was bestowed about a decade ago, but it is STILL true. And if not the lounge itself, and if not for the mermaids, then surely the Buzzfeed list should include Piano Pat!



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