…it’s what’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Purely by accident — turns out we didn’t give our turkey enough time to thaw, so it wasn’t ready today. Fortunately, the good folks at The Montana Club were open for business, and business was pretty brisk! We both decided on the prime rib…and WHOA, was it delicious. Excellent meal – outstanding service – thank you Jamie!

Banana Cat

Stopped at Starbucks this morning – holy cow, that place is hopping and crazy-busy. In the midst of the chaos, something caught my eye – a young man wearing a BANANA CAT shirt. Seriously. Just…awesome. Also: there’s a barricade at the entrance along 10th Avenue South – aimed at preventing traffic tie-ups as the swarm of shoppers descend upon the mall later today/tonight, I suppose.


Had to get some pre-Thanksgiving groceries today, and included on the list was cheddar cheese. Normally I just grab my “regular” cheese, but today I saw this delightful – whimsical – wonderful packaging: Absolutely wonderful. And did you catch the MMMMM? The cow is telling us that it is delicious cheese! THE COW IS TELLING US! Yes, it really is that simple to convince me to buy one brand instead of another.

Workplace Fun

Couple of fun things at work this week: first, someone dropped off this BIG-ASS BOX OF CHOCOLATE for everyone to enjoy. I have never seen such a huge box of candy. And yes, I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term for it – a BIG-ASS BOX OF CHOCOLATE. Second, my co-worker Claire showed off her turkey-drawing skillz – what a cute turkey!

20 Bucks!

Tammy – an insurance agent here in Great Falls – has such a lively Facebook presence. She “gets” social media, and manages to make insurance interesting and fun. Example: check out what she posted yesterday – smart marketing:

“Birth of a Trailer”

Carey and her team over at CAT Graphics – along with some volunteers – went to work to create a spiffy trailer for My Neighbor In Need. They posted a neat video of the process:

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