The Carla & Larry Show!

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Carla Coronado and Larry Eschenbacher are from Great Falls, but now live in in the SF Bay Area…but they came to town on Saturday to present their “Carla & Larry Show” at Machinery Row to help raise money for the Pet Paw-See.

Serving as MC for the event was John Colgan, another Great Falls native (and high school “bestie” of my wife) who also lives in the Bay Area now. His first order of business after getting off the plane at GTF on Friday was NOT, as is so often the case with folks coming home to Great Falls, Taco Treat – nope, for John it was all about Taco John’s! Maybe it’s the name…

Their show was broadcast live online, and I had the honor of being a member of the Live Studio Audience 🙂 You can watch the recording here.

Good turnout – lots of folks of all types, some in costume, with some neat silent auction and raffle prizes.

There were even a few adoptable pets on hand, including one cute pup in costume.

Didn’t realize there is a pizza parlor inside Machinery Row – had a slice – pretty good.

Some pix:



Leslie from the Pet Paw-See with “Mr. Hi” the black cat:


The MC for the evening: John Colgan:

One of the band members from Big Trouble:

DJ Grand Illusion:

Your humble correspondent, proudly sporting a Cow Hat:

Reedo’s Pizza:

Carla and Larry also produced a fun YouTube commercial for the event:


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