Cub’s Den

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Took a nice Saturday drive down to Monarch a couple of weeks ago – always fun. Stopped at a big auction/estate sale, and then had lunch at the Cub’s Den.

Cub's Den in Monarch

DELICIOUS burger and fries.

Cub's Den in Monarch

Topped off with an indescribably tasty apple dumpling and ice cream.

Cub's Den in Monarch

And of course we enjoyed some of the “characters” hanging around.

Cub's Den in Monarch

Cub's Den in Monarch

And the view outside is pure Montana.


If you’re keeping score at home – Cub’s Den burger and fries is better than the Lazy Doe burger and fries. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Lazy Doe! But Cub’s Den is the winner on taste.

Here’s a nice photo of the interior from Raygun.

And if you’re interested…the Cub’s Den is apparently up for sale.


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