Missing: Thor

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Marcus Caldwell’s dog is missing – possibly stolen – from his home near the Marketplace on the SW side of town:

OK…I need everyone’s help with this one….some one thought that it would be a good idea to take my dog..that’s right Thor has been taken, and is now missing/gone…please please please help me try and find him…everyone knows someone who was here last night..tag everyone you know….I have a thousand dollars .$1000 reward to whoever gets Thor home….I don’t care who you are, if you have any information please hmu… this is no joke..Thor has been taken from my home…please share share share and tag any one who might know who took him or where he is….I have $1000 one thousand dollars cash to whoever helps Thor get back home…thanks for your help…if you have been tagged it is because I remember seeing you @ the compound….please tag anyone I forgot and help get the word out….there is 1000 reward for Thors return… that is all I care about.. thank you..shawdy and her friends have been mentioned too…please tag them…CASH REWARD!!!!



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