Bozeman Trip!

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Fun trip down to Bozeman over the weekend – helped get the KBZK web team with some tips – and I’ve gotta say that Bozeman is pretty cool. Yes, yes, it’s growing like crazy, and full of non-Montanans – whatever. It’s still a pretty sweet place to visit.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn on Baxter – it’s dog-friendly, and it was great. Very nice hotel, with an enclosed inner courtyard that dogs are not supposed to be in (wink, wink).

Here’s some more highlights (click pix for larger views):

The studio at KBZK – that’s one of the sister stations of KRTV – pretty sweet set!


New convenience store near Baxter at 19th – fancy, eh?


And (thank goodness!) Bozeman got its first free-standing Starbucks a few months ago – kind of strange, being in a different Starbucks, but it was pretty cool.bozsbx

Mid-day meal on Sunday for me was Bozeman Bagel Works – what a fun store! There’s even an 80s room with arcade games and 80s movie posters on the wall!



For my lovely bride – who lived in Bozeman from 86-91 (go Cats!), lunch was Taco Time 🙂


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