“Internet Hole”

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Gizmodo posted an article about internet speeds across the U.S. broken down roughly by state, and looky at this:


And how does Gizmodo describe the Treasure State? “The metropolitan Northeast, Florida, and most of Arizona come in pretty strong, while the enormous internet hole called Montana is pinned between the techy Northwest and the suddenly oil-rich North Dakota.”

I’m sure that some people will see this map and think, “Holy crap, Montana internet speeds SUCKS! Why would anyone live there?!”



  1. Don’t you go knocking our inner-nets here in Montanny! Why I jus’ love my new 14.4 kbps dial-up connection. Why only last month I had to take the telly-fone handset and place it in my 300 baud cradle! With this new-fangled PC modem card, I can jus’ plug my telly-fone cord straight into the ‘puder and dial this here AOL inner-net thang jus fine!

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