Good Bye, Goode’s

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This is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a while: Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill is closing, according to the Great Falls Tribune:


Wasn’t too long ago that they opened, in that tiny little log cabin on 15th Street…it was cramped, but cozy:


And the Q Burger: oh boy. Powerful good stuff!


And I’ll REALLY miss the Haystack – once called the “Best Breakfast In Montana,” and it sure as hell is/was:


And I will definitely miss Larry Goode – one of the most awesome guys I’ve ever met. Best wishes to Larry and his brother Harold in their new Billings venture – hope to see the little log cabin flying the Goode’s banner again soon!



  1. It feels like the same old story for GF. They either don’t make enough money, or move on to greener pastures. :sigh: I hate seeing positive local business go.

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