Magical Lambs!

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We visited our friends Mark and Trix a few days ago, and Trix served us up an absolutely scrumptious home-made rhubarb/berry pie.

As we chatted, I brought up one of my regular topics: Great Falls needs a petting zoo!

Trix said that there a couple of lambs that we can visit over at the KOA campground on the east side of town…so 10 minutes later, K and I were zipping down 10th Avenue South.

Turned into the KOA entrance, drove down a ways, and lo and behold, there were indeed two small sheep – and four ducks, too!


The lambs are fenced in, but have plenty of room to wander – and they even have their little log cabin!



As we watched the sheep roam and nibble on corn cobs, a group of folks on a trailer stopped by – guess they were KOA guests? – and waved to us.




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