Robin Returns

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Finally – after 30+ years, Robin Williams is returning to series television. I worried about him when “Mork & Mindy” was canceled back in 1982, and then hearing nothing about him for decades, but at long last, he is scheduled to be back on TV where he belongs. It’s a sitcom called “The Crazy Ones,” and sadly it’s not a Mork & Mindy reunion show, but maybe it will capture some of that “lightning in a bottle” magic for Williams once again.

To celebrate the return of Robin Williams to TV after his 30 years of exile into a cultural black hole, during which I often wondered whatever became of such a promising young and funny actor, K picked up something very cool at an estate sale a few days ago:






  1. David, you may not have been paying attention, but he didn’t drop out of sight at all, and has been VERY active in films, as well as live appearances. Turn off your TV and google him!

  2. 🙂 My attempt at humor failed miserably, Dona – I know he’s made a lot of movies (I enjoyed “Popeye” the most) and even gotten some Oscar nominations!

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