Beef N Bone!

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Headed down to Ulm on Friday night for dinner at the new Beef N Bone Steakhouse – a very good decision!

We tried it out a few weeks ago on their opening night and were pretty impressed – food was good, service was good (although a bit chaotic, given that it was opening night, etc).

The only negative: the pop was flat. I tried three different types – two colas and one Sprite – and all three were flat and flavorless. So I did something that I have never done in my adult life: I ordered a beer. I need fizz when I eat a hot meal, and if a beer was the only way to do it, well…so be it.

So I ordered a beer that had the funniest name: Goose Island’s “Honker’s Ale.”


So I took a swig and immediately regretted it – the beer taste was way too strong and nearly wiped out the deliciousness of the double-cheeseburger. FWIW – K took a sip of it and gave it a thumbs-down, and she is something of a beer connoisseur.

Sigh. So I settled for water.

But back to the food: YES! Very impressed with my burger, and K really enjoyed her “Missouri Breaks” (Crabmeat, Shrimp, sautéed in a Garlic, Onion, Asparagus, Mushroom Mornay Swiss Cheese, baked).

Chef Michael’s wife Cathi came and visited with us briefly, and like our waitress Virginia, she was delightful.

So: Mission Success!

Beef N Bone in Ulm

But a few days later Jim left a comment here at GreaterFalls that had me worried:

Tried them tonight. Had a reservation for 7… showed up and was told there was a 10 minute wait for a table. Waited 20 minutes, still no table. Left. Not sure how a restaurant screws up a reservation, but this place managed that feat. And I can overlook a lot of things with a restaurant… but dorked up reservations is a big “no-no” with me. Beef N Bone had better get that shit policed up, because once the “new place to eat” luster wears off, good customer service and good food will dictate whether they make it, or don’t make it. And they were lacking customer service tonight.

Two days later, however, Jim gave an update:

David, received an apology phone call from Beef N Bone yesterday. Nice touch on their part. Going to try them again.

Whew! Very glad to get that update.

So after giving Been N Bone a few weeks to hit their stride, we made the beautiful short tip back down on Friday night. We were late diners, so getting a table was not a problem.

Our waitress was the same one as during our first visit – Virginia – and she remembered not only that I ordered a beer, but also that I don’t like vegetables! She told us about the two specials, and we were sold: prime rib (Chef Michael’s cut) for me, and the Surf-n-Turf for K.



Verdict: delicious! The prime rib was the second-best that I’ve ever had (first is at the Highwood Bar).

After we ate, we chatted with Virginia for a bit – a wonderful lady who moved to Montana about a year ago, and who (like me) has fallen completely, utterly, and forever in love with Montana.

Also: I really enjoy the decor and atmosphere inside. The tables, chairs, and floor are comfortable and solid – that may sound like an odd thing to notice, but we definitely did. The paintings on the wall are beautiful, and Virginia explained to us that they were created by Chef Michael’s mother.

Beef N Bone in Ulm

The only negative? The pop. Yep – just like last time, the pop was flat and flavorless. The only pop they have is “from the gun” – so maybe they should offer customers canned pop. Just a thought.

Bottom line: Beef N Bone is a solid win! Can’t wait to go back.



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