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We watched “Sharknado” last night. It was…bad. Not good-bad, not funny-bad, not ironically-funny-bad, not so-bad-it’s-good bad. It was just flat-out bad. SyFy has come up with some real clunkers (and a few decent hits) in its quest to create original movies that feature better-than-average F/X and monsters, etc, but slapping some shit together based solely on the concept of SHARK + TORNADO was just a stupid idea. Really, they could have tried just a *little bit* harder and improved the credibility/plausibility by a factor of about 17 billion. I can dig bad movies, cheesy movies, semi-lame F/X movies, rubber-monster-suited-monster movies, etc, but this was just really, really, really bad.

ANYWAY. Moving on to critters that are much closer to home — there is an amazing entry over at Squirrel Thoughts, with pictures, that includes this:

Suddenly, everywhere I looked, there were bunnies. Bunnies to the left. Bunnies to the right. Brown bunnies. White bunnies. Spotted bunnies. Lop-eared bunnies. Bunnies hopping across the street. Bunnies burrowing in the dirt. Bunnies doing bunny acrobatics. Bunnies reading their bunny paper while enjoying their bunny coffee. Bunnies trying to help other bunnies escape from the tyranny of the bunny yard.

Allison, you made my Friday with that post.


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