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Seen at Walmart the other day.

In case you’re wondering: the definition of “PHAT” according to Urban Dictionary: 1. cool 2. Pretty Hot And Tempting.

Diva means…well, it used to mean a lady – usually a singer or entertainer – of great talent but prone to being temperamental, but has been commoditized in recent years to mean just about any woman with an attitude.

More fun license plates here.


Which reminds me – the reason I went to Walmart was to get another fan (can’t have too many) – but the day that I went was the hottest day of the year so far, and this is what the fan section looked like:



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  1. Walmart told me they had boxes of the fans in the back! They just couldn’t fill the shelves fast enough!!! I went the day after you and I got a box fan đŸ™‚

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