“Man Found In Missouri Identified”

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Sadly, yet another body was pulled from the Missouri River in Cascade County this week – that makes three.

But from the Department of Bad Headlines comes this from the Trib: “Man Found In Missouri Identified.” That headline makes it sound like there was some guy wandering around the state of Missouri, possibly suffering from amnesia, who was finally identified by family members after seeing his photo on the local news.

Heck, even KFBB managed to do better with its headline: Officials Identify Body in the Missouri River,” remembering to include the word “river.”

But to the Trib’s credit — they were the first Great Falls media outlet to post video about the body being found, including a soundbite from the woman who found the body; good work by Kristen Cates. Of course, it’s hidden behind a paywall, but still – good hustle by Kristen.



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