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Stopped in to the KFC on the west side to grab some…well, chicken. Funny thing is – they were OUT OF CHICKEN.

I’ve dealt with some pretty lousy service at that KFC, and an occasional “Oh, we’re out of (specific menu item),” but never before have they been OUT OF CHICKEN.

But! More than one way to skin a cat – er, chicken, right?

I jetted on over to the KFC on 10th Avenue South, where I was third in line. The middle-aged couple at the front of the line was agitated – the man wasn’t arguing with the KFC staffer (who seemed very polite), but he wasn’t happy, either – questioning how come it cost $11 for 4 pieces of chicken a la carte, when the menu offers a huge bucket meal with sides for just $22, etc.

After about two minutes of that, the couple decided it wasn’t worth it and left.

Then the lady in front of me began to place her order, and the young man behind the counter said that it would take 16 minutes for them to have more chicken ready.

16 minutes. At Kentucky Fried Chicken. Ouch.

And off she went, too, shrugging her shoulders…and I asked the KFC kid to make sure I had heard correctly…yep, it would take 16 minutes for them to have chicken ready.

And off I went, too…and all three of us – the lady, the couple, and me – all exchanged glances and a few “tsk tsk” words.

So I headed for the deliciousness and reliability of Cafe Rio.


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  1. Crappy service in Great Falls. Standard fare anymore. And some wonder why these joints go out of business.

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