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Remember all of the anxiety about the roundabout that went “live” a few weeks ago over at Division and Smelter?

Carey over at CAT Graphics decided to have a little fun with it – she is now selling bumper stickers!

If you are one of the brave few who have challenged and survived the terrifying roundabout, you should get one to proudly display on your vehicle – it will serve as both a badge of honor for you, and a warning to others about the terrible danger of…THE ROUNDABOUT!

I Survived The Great Falls Roundabout



  1. I hate roundabouts, but they’re not really that scary until you get into 3+ lanes. And then it’s less that I don’t know what to do, but that I’m afraid of everyone else not understanding how it works. Lol

  2. Round and round and round Tim will go, where he will stop, nobody can know! Cait – that’s exactly right – you and I are excellent drivers – it’s all of the idiots that we have to watch out for!

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