Concrete Eyesore

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Ever wonder what will become of that concrete eyesore along Smelter Avenue near the Twilite Center?

Work started on it several years ago – think it was originally planned to be the site of Bostons The Gourmet Pizza restaurant that eventually was built on 7th Street off of 10th Avenue South.

So now this not-even-halfway-complete concrete thing just sits. No idea who owns it, or if there are any plans for it.

But you know…it would be absolutely perfect as a Starbucks – this side of town needs one! – seems to be just about the right size, and it’s set far enough back from the street that parking and drive-thru wouldn’t be a problem, unlike the 10th Avenue South location.

What else could it be used for…




  1. Heh – I have just been waiting all these years for some local ‘tagger’ to spray his (or her) thoughts across the wall. I’m kind of surprised that it has not been vandalized already.

    If I had no morals, and the time, I’d paint on there in large bold letters:

    “Mister Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! ”

    OK, that’s a little old, but the point would be taken (hopefully)

  2. Neat. So…maybe we can have a yard sale/lemonade stand/50-50 raffle to raise money so that we can buy it, Ron! All for the sheer joy of being able to do what you said re: Reagan’s quote! OR…or…we could make it a shelter for wayward turtles.

  3. Thanks Ron for the info. I live a few blocks up from the “pillbox”.. I asked city hall what the deal was with it a few years ago. Got the atypical Great Falls city hall answer… “we’ll know more in six months.” Never heard anything else. My bet… the pillbox sits there for a long time.

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