Lucy The Moose

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On a slow news day, I’ll usually wish out loud for a large mammal to wander into town — a bear, a bison, a cow — something that is a fun news story, will make for neat video, and doesn’t involve guns or fire or people getting hurt.

And on Friday, I got my wish: a moose wandered into Great Falls!

We heard about it just before 7 p.m., but weren’t exactly sure of the location – something about 14th Avenue SW or 18th Avenue SW – so I drove around the Fox Farm/Belview area for about 20 minutes until we got a tip that it was near 14th Street STREET SW, near the old brewery.

So I headed over that way, up and down the streets around the old brewery and was headed back toward 6th Street SW along American Avenue when I spotted an FWP truck on the edge of the Hickory Swing Golf Course. I drove up beside it and asked the FWP officer if he was there because of a moose – and bingo!

Among the highlights: none of the golfers were too bothered by the moose (who I have named Lucy) – they pretty much just kept playing, although none of them turned their backs to her when she was nearby.

The FWP guys were super nice and patient.

And at one point, a cat just sort of wandered by – cruised right by the moose, they didn’t acknowledge each other, and the cat just kept going, walking along the rail of the train tracks. So here we have one mellow moose, a couple of dedicated golfers, and one random cat:

Moose, cat, golfers

Lucy The Moose in Great Falls!


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