Link Roundup

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Some nice linky goodness from fellow Great Falls (and beyond) bloggers – enjoy!

– Jack has a “by the numbers” post up that’s worth checking out; the numbers range from 5 to $127 billion.

– Allison wants you to vote on which critter should be included in her wedding photos; among the choices – Bigfoot, Buster Bluth (yay!), and my favorite – Emo Llama!

– Rhonda the Kitchen Witch, as always, has plenty of recipes and food pr0n photos – check out her “Sun and Earth Chocolate Orange Mini-Muffins!”

– Courtney and her husband have welcomed Baby Beekeeper #2 – adorable!

– Jamie and his family are off on an African adventure in Tanzania!

– Heather has a tip for ending your (possible) Febreze addiction.


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