Photo Finish

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My friend Cathy is a home-school mom, and she also teaches a photography class for other home-school kids.

She arranged a photo contest during May for her students, thanks to the folks at US Bank; the students each had a photo on display, and anyone who came into the bank could drop a vote in a box for their favorite photo.

The bank manager gave a cash prize to the winner, and I chipped in a $25 gift card for the winner, too.

There were some pretty awesome photos, and after all the votes were tallied, the one with the most votes belonged to 14-year old Kira White – a very cool (pun intended) photo indeed!

Snow Arch by Kira White



Cathy told me that she is very grateful to Consul Group, a Great Falls business that donated several Photoshop programs to the students to help them learn more about digital photography.


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