Look Kids!

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“Big Ben, Parliament!” Well, not quite…more like “2Js, Touch Of Klass Massage!” Yep – Great Falls is now home to a fancy roundabout at the intersection of Division Road and Smelter, and it opened for business on Friday morning.

I have been amazed at the comments on Facebook and KRTV.com – so many people calling it a disaster waiting to happen, Great Falls drivers are too stupid to figure it out, etc.

Come on, folks…trust me – I’ve lived and driven in cities large and small all across the country, and believe me when I tell you that Great Falls drivers are NOT the worst in the world. If you look at the comments on any media outlet in ANY city when it comes to traffic and crashes, you’ll get huge numbers of “People in Anytown USA just don’t know how to drive!” and “Drivers in Anytown USA suck!”

In fact, I’d say that drivers in our town are actually better than average.

And as for the roundabout — I’ve driven in plenty of them – seems like every Air Force Base I’ve ever been assigned to or visited has at least one (including Malmstrom), and I’ve never noticed any difference between crashes in a roundabout versus a “regular” intersection.

The sad thing is – as soon as there is a crash in the new roundabout, some people will immediately start wailing that the roundabout is so much more dangerous, etc.

Anyway. Slow down, yield to the car in the roundabout, and don’t get stuck like the Griswolds.




  1. What was wrong with the intersection that was redone prior to the roundabout? Seems to me to be a waste of money… as in, let’s build something just to build something. And I disagree with you about the driving. I’ve been around a lot of different drivers in the U.S. and Europe… and the drivers here are not good. Rude, don’t pay attention to what they’re doing, slow.

  2. After driving in WA for a couple years now, it’s always nice to go back to Montana, where people drive less passive-aggressively, don’t slow down on curves, and don’t drive like they’ve never experienced weather before.

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