Beef N Bone!

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We drove by the Beef N Bone in Ulm yesterday, wondering if it was open…sadly, not yet…but as soon as we got home from our afternoon mini-road trip, I saw that Beef N Bone had posted on its Facebook page that they will open on Tuesday – tomorrow! And as luck would have it, Claire was scheduled to head out there today and do a story on the Shaw family!



  1. Tried them tonight. Had a reservation for 7… showed up and was told there was a 10 minute wait for a table. Waited 20 minutes, still no table. Left.

    Not sure how a restaurant screws up a reservation, but this place managed that feat. And I can overlook a lot of things with a restaurant… but dorked up reservations is a big “no-no” with me.

    Beef N Bone had better get that shit policed up, because once the “new place to eat” luster wears off, good customer service and good food will dictate whether they make it, or don’t make it. And they were lacking customer service tonight.

  2. Holy cow…yeah, they need to work quick to work out kinks like that – bad news will spread faster than good news. Hope they hit their stride soon – would hate for it to fail.

  3. David… well, my wife received a call from Beef N Bone (can’t remember the person’s name) apologizing for what happened Friday night. That was a nice touch. I’ll try them again for dinner.

  4. David, received an apology phone call from Beef N Bone yesterday. Nice touch on their part. Going to try them again.

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