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It’s been several months since I’ve heard anything but static on KEIN (1310 AM) – no more “Music Of Your Life,” no Frank Sinatra, no Peggy Lee, no Mel Torme, no Glenn Miller, no Steve and Eydie. KEIN has been off the air before, but I’ve got a strange feeling it ain’t coming back this time. Very sad.

But there is something new on the Great Falls airwaves – Yellowstone Public Radio. They started broadcasting on 89.5 FM a few days ago. I was afraid that it would be simply a copy of our existing MT Public Radio station (89.9 FM), but there are differences – some programs are the same, but there are different ones, too, and the ones that are the same (Performance Today, for instance) airs at different times on the two stations.

So. Having YPR doesn’t quite make up for losing KEIN, but it’s still pretty cool.



  1. I hear you about KEIN. Typical for Great Falls. I’ve been listening to 89.5 as well. Nice radio station.

  2. Yep – I’m enjoying YPR, too – they seem to have more jazz than 89.9, and I’ve caught a few snippets of a neat word show (on Thu evenings?).

  3. Yes, David. More jazz… different vibe than the local NPR station. You have any inside news about what happened with KEIN? Thought the Trib or KRTV would cover it… but I haven’t seen anything.

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