Bickel, Bunnies, and Boobs

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I love looking at the bulletin boards in Great Falls businesses…here’s a few nifties that I saw posted on the board at Peking Garden a few days ago:

BickelFest! I love that it says “Take a picture of this with your cell phone” – hey, mission accomplished! According to Bickel’s Facebook page: “The Bickelfest Short Film Festival is created by Gerald Bickel (a Great Falls, Montana, independent filmmaker of new thriller Who’s in the Mirror).”

Bickelfest Short Film Festival 2013

And I learned a new word: RABBITRY! Love it. If you’re in the market for…um…well, I suppose a new rabbit, then Ashley is who you should call!

Hare & Now Rabbitry

And how about “Biker’s For Boob’s” (no worries about the apostrophes – it’s a charitable cause, fercryinoutloud)? Not entirely sure where this is happening, but there’s a phone # to call if you want info.Bikers For Boobs


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