Cow Pie

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Seriously, I can’t make this up…and I’m not talking about “cow pie bingo.”

“Well this is Cow Pie Bingo it is a it’s acooperative between the three catholic schools here in Great Falls Central thehigh school, and our Lady of Lourdes and Holy Spirit so it’s a greatopportunity for people to come out and watch our cow her name is taio mark thefield somewhere,” said Athletic Director Hugh Smith. Folksbraved the rainy weather for to be the big winner at the 2nd annual Cow Pie Bingo. Whenit came time to choose the lucky cow, farm owner Jim Larson knew exactly whichcow to choose. “Itcame time we just brought her back in we didn’t want a wild one that would runthrough the cemetery back there,” explained Larson. Student Michaela Munstertiger came to her first Cow Pie Bingo to show some school spirit. “Ijust came to watch the Cow Pie Bingo and this is my first time watching it so Ijust wanted to see what it was all about and support the school that I go to,and I went to holy spirit so it is supporting both schools,”said Munstertiger.



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