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Mike, Brian, and I at work on Monday, watching the devastating tornado that ripped through Oklahoma. Unreal. Large-screen radar, and watching all three OKC TV station websites on several monitors.



Tornado ripped a path very similar to the F-5 on May 3, 1999…my kid sister and her family lived about a mile from there back then, but were spared any direct damage.

I had moved from Enid, Oklahoma (about 90 minutes north/NW of Moore) to another state less than a year earlier, and back in the 80s lived in Midwest City and Choctaw…seeing so many familiar place names during yesterday’s coverage is…surreal.

Interesting to see how many people in this MeFi thread would much rather risk a hurricane or an earthquake, rather than a tornado.

I think tornadoes are sort of like Great White Sharks…no matter the context, no matter the actual or perceived risk, there’s just something instinctive and visceral about the word itself and mental imagery of a tornado.


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  1. This last tornado hit the street we used to live on. Our house didn’t get hit directly, but looking at a map, it most likely received debris damage.

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