1. One would think that one of the basic skills of working at Hastings would be the ability to have a working knowledge of spelling.

    BUT! having said that, one of my basic beefs that I’ve had since my youth, is that employees at Radio Shack do not need to know anything about their inventory in order to work there.

    A little story: When I was in my late teens (1980’s), I would visit the Radio Shack that used to be on 9th street and 10th ave south. Well, when they first came out with the TRS-80 microcomputer , none of the store employees knew anything about it, but so they had it set up on their display case. I was hooked. I would start coming in after school, learning how to use it. The staff there started referring to me for customer questions – even though I was not technically empoyed there. One day a gentleman with a suit on came in, and as other customers, asked about the computer. I told him all about it, and he thanked me and headed toward the back of the store. Later, the store manager came over to me, and said that I could still come in and play on the computer, but I could not talk to store customers about it. As it turned out, I had spoke with the Radio Shack district manager when he just came in. The District manager said that as I was not a store employee, I could not talk to customers about their computers, but he advised the store manager that as soon as I graduated high school, to hire me.

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